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Friday, 18 April 2014

ASCENSION EARTH IS BACK! A Personal Message from Greg Giles

Hello everyone, I hope you have all been well the last few weeks I have been gone. As many of you may have noticed, I deleted my blog and I deleted my Facebook page without any prior notice to any of you and I disappeared into the night. I want you all to know these actions were not conducted willingly. I would never do that to any of you, my trusted friends and everyone who has followed the articles, stories and news events I share here at Ascension Earth. I will not go into detail of what transpired, and I will not discuss the motivations of those who forced me, using violence, to delete all my years of hard work here at my website and also forced me to delete my Facebook page where I have connected to thousands of others who just want to make a positive difference in the world through love, hard work, and peaceful civic duty. I cannot promise they will not force me to delete this website again or once again force me to delete my Facebook page, but it is a wonderful feeling to be back with you all, my friends and family.

For all of you who have wondered why my blog has seen so many drastic changes in format, such as going from a site where I shared my own work as a channel, to a site that shared the work of other channels, to a site that shared content of an admittedly pessimistic view of our current state, to a site that shared content that explored the mysteries and hidden knowledge of our world; I agree with you all, my blog has experienced a whirling carousel of metamorphosis. This is all very easy to explain, and perhaps I should have shown the courage to reveal those reasons to you long ago. You see, these individuals, this group that has been harassing me and stalking me for over 6 or 7 years now, was the underlying cause for each of the changes to the format of this blog. This group uses torture, violence, threats, intimidation, coercion, manipulation and constant harassment to get what they want, and I have personally experienced each of these methods. They have claimed that this blog makes them nervous, that they do not know what I am going to tell you all next. You see, I may know more than I share with you on this blog, but in an offer of peace with these people I keep some things to myself. That is my peace offering to this group, though they appreciate this not, as time and again they demand more, and continuously abuse, menace and harass me. I do not know who they are precisely, or what they refer to themselves as, I wish to be clear about that, and I won't ever speculate here about that subject.

I do want you all to know one thing; do not automatically assume that the people who are stalking me and harassing me and even hurting me do not want you to read the type of content I share here on my blog. What they are concerned with is that I will use my blog to share with you things I have personally experienced, and all their harassment and intimidation and uses of violence were their way to force me to into isolation from all of you. I also wish to make it clear that their harassment will continue whether I delete this blog or not. That I learned this morning, and that is why I decided to relaunch Ascension Earth.

I would greatly appreciate your help in sharing this personal message by using the share buttons below, as I have now completely lost the small viewer-ship this site once enjoyed after years of hard work. I'm looking so forward to discovering what I have missed over the past 3 weeks and I see I have a lot of catching up to do, as so much has happened while I have been away.

It is wonderful to be back with you all again, and I look so forward to getting reacquainted with everyone here and on my Facebook page. For all those who wish to connect on Facebook, I am regularly over my friends limit, and this is the only reason I do not immediately accept a friend request from all those who are of love and peace.

Its wonderful to be back with you all.
Your friend,

Welt - Befreiungs - Meditation nach Cobra

Welt - Befreiungs - Meditation nach Cobra
Wöchentliche Welt - Befreiungs - Meditation nach Cobra zur Unterstützung der Ereignisse ( zur Medi auf das Bild klicken )

Thank You to All

Thank You to All
Rainbow of gratitude and protection.



Vollständige regierungsseitige Enthüllung der ET Präsenz auf der Erde
Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth
Warum ist dies wichtig ist!
Die Anwesenheit außerirdischer Zivilisationen auf der Erde und um die Erde herum wurde von hunderten glaubwürdiger Zeugen – einschließlich militärischen Personals, Astronauten und Piloten ziviler Luftfahrt-Gesellschaften – aus erster Hand bezeugt.

Diese Anwesenheit außerirdischer Zivilisationen war laut Aussagen dieser Zeugen seit mehr als 60 Jahren einer globalen Vertuschungs-Strategie unterworfen, was nun durch Dr. Steven Greer's „Disclosure Project“
( = „Enthüllungs-Projekt“) und kürzlich durch das „Sirius-Projekt“ publik gemacht worden ist – wie auch durch das öffentliche „Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure“ ( = „Bürger-Anhörung zu den Enthüllungen“) – das im Haus des Nationalen Presse-Clubs in Washington DC im April und Mai 2013 stattfand.

Die Vertuschungen – unter Ausnutzung von Desinformation durch die Medien und anhand von Falschmeldungen – haben die Menschheit daran gehindert, offenen Kontakt zu höchst fortgeschrittenen, wohlwollenden galaktischen Zivilisationen aufzunehmen, die die Fähigkeit zu interstellaren Reisen besitzen – schneller als mit Licht-Geschwindigkeit. Mit ihrem Verhalten haben die Staatsführer dieser Welt diesen Planeten von fortgeschrittenen Fortbewegungsmöglichkeiten und von Energie-Technologieren ferngehalten, die längst einen vollständigen Umschwung für die menschliche Zivilisation hätte bringen können sowie ein Niveau globalen Wohlstands, Verbunden-Seins und eines Gesundheits-Standards, wovon bisher nur Wenige träume konnten.
Zum Unterzeichnen dient folgende Website:


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